August Newsletter Update

August Newsletter Update

Will Australians pay more for a good cause?

In the same month that desperate farmers made headlines preparing to destroy starving flocks and pleading with the public to pay a few cents more for their dairy products, Dick Smith’s nationalistic brand announced its closure. The question is, will Australians pay more for a cause?

Comments like “We’re with you” and the 2.8k heart emojis on facebook do very little when you can’t feed your herd. It’s nice there is emotional support and the plight of farmers is recognised but what does it really achieve? Country Valley Milk reached out on Facebook two months ago asking people to sponsor a cow - they estimated that each cow will cost $1,350 to feed until the end of September. Those that have contributed are rewarded with images of their cows - Cow 84’s new calf was shared with their adopted family on Facebook (named Splotch MacGonagall by the adopted family).

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